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Deep Water Green Sea Urchin Sea Shell Night Light from Washington State, 32.76CT. LOT SHINY DEEP GREEN DIOPSIDE, Fluorite Cluster.Deep Purple.Elmwood Mine., KENTUCKY BANDED AGATE SPECIMEN 3 1 2'' X 3'' X 1 3 4 DEEP NOT ENHANCED, Diopside from Pakistan B0267 deep green cluster, HAWAII HAWAIIAN SUNRISE SHELL UNUSUAL WEIRD deep CoLoRs , Charoite Rough Slab 2 Deep Purple Stone, AMETHYST Deep Purple, small. tumbled, 1 2 lb bulk stones 55 65 pkg quartz, KENTUCKY BANDED AGATE SPECIMEN 3 3 8'' X 2 1 2'' X 2'' DEEP NOT ENHANCED, Monatomic Andara Crystal Deep Lavender Purple 235 Grams Authentic BID WAR , Agate Crystal Giant Deep Purple with white DRUZY crystals slab slice with stand, DEEP Blue Agate Rough Druzy unknown origin, KENTUCKY BANDED AGATE SPECIMEN 4 1 4 '' X 2 1 4'' X 1 3 8 DEEP NOT ENHANCED, 240 cts of Deep Purple Cubic Zirconia Faceting Rough, Deep blue azurite xls Morocco B0362 parallel growth surface, WOW 2250 GRAMS OF DAZZLING DEEP BLUE LAPIS LAZULI TUMBLES LOT FROM AFGHANISTAN.


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