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279 Carats Top Quality Deep Blue Color Rare Lazurite Specimen From Afghanistan, A DEEP BLUE Lapis Lazuli Sphere Crystal Healing Ball Marble Gemstone Denim NR , Deep Blue Azurite with Malachite lots of sparkling crystals , SEA SHELL NIGHT LIGHT MEXICAN DEEP SCALLOP DECOR CRAFT REEF NAUTICAL BEACH, 2257 RARE 1 in 1000 WHITE Natural Ammonite PAIR Deep Crystals 2.3 110myo 59mm, AMETHYST DEEP PURPLE CRYSTAL PIECE AFRICA 83 GRAMS COLLECTION CK IT OUT, 2243 RARE 1 in 1000 BLACK Natural Ammonite PAIR Deep Crystals 1.9 110myo 49mm, 50mm 2 Deep Purple Dog Teeth Amethyst Quartz Sphere Gem Ball Madagascar, DEEP BLUE SODALITE THICK END CUT SLAB 3 4 POUND, AMETHYST DEEP PURPLE CRYSTAL PIECE AFRICA 47 GRAMS COLLECTION CK IT OUT, Shells. Top shell Lischkeia ALWINAE 45.8mm. Grade F3. Deep water trawled., 33 mm 1.32 Deep Purple Amethyst Ametrine Quartz Sphere Gem Ball Brazil, RRS: Rare Fantastic Deep Blue GEM SILICA CHRYSOCOLLA From Globe Miami Mine, AZ , 87g Natural Deep Sea Blue Celestite Healing Mineral Specimen A232, Deep Blood Red Cuprite from Milpillas Mine, thumbnail, Sparkling Deep Red Vanadinite on Barite 2 X 2 inch. Mibladen.Morocco, Large purple amethyst cathedral 14 tall, 10 wide, 7 deep, over 40 pounds.. , WOW 686 CT UNBELIEVABLE COLLECTOR CHOICE Stunning Quality Deep Sky Blue AQUAMARI, DEEP PURPLE Amethyst Crystal Cluster Quartz Mineral Specimen Geode URUGUAY NR , CORUNDUM SAPPHIRE, DEEP BLUE CRYSTAL FACET CABOCHON ROUGH, MADAGASCAR, 25 piece lot of 3 4 inch White Irish Deep seashells baking shells S


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