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Deep Purple and Blue ChalcoPyrite Crystals on Dolomite Matrix Missouri 42.5gr, A BIG Deep ORANGE Calcite Crystal with Sphalerite From Missouri 287gr e, Deep Purple and Blue ChalcoPyrite Crystals on Dolomite Matrix Missouri 196.5gr, Semicassis glabrata Dunker, 1852 DEEP WATER 51.6mm , A Dazzling Deep Blue Polished Agate Nodule Specimen , Small DEEP BLUE Chalcopyrite with TWO Calcite Crystals From Missouri 50.8gr, Rhodochrosite slab Argentina deep color, AMETHYST Deep Purple, small. tumbled, 1 2 lb bulk stones 55 65 pkg quartz, S Deep Purple Amethyst Crystals Piece Of A Geode, Brazilian Grade A Agate Geode Slab Slice 2 deep TEAL PURPLE quartz crystals 3 , Citrine Quartz Crystal Deep Orange Terminated Brazilian Mineral Specimen 1506a8, AMETHYST Deep Purple medium tumbled 1 2 lb bulk stones quartz 35 45 pkg Namibia, LAKE MICHIGAN UNPOLISHED PETOSKEY STONE DEEP FOSSILS APROX. 1.5 NICE , Eudolium pyriforme G. B. Sowerby III, 1914 DEEP WATER 54.0mm , Phantom Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode Druze , LAKE MICHIGAN UNPOLISHED PETOSKEY STONES DEEP FOSSILS APROX. 1 JEWELRY SIZE, LATIRUS BALICASAGENSIS:RARE GEM DEEP WATER SPINDLE AT 28.05MM , A DEEP BLUE and PURPLE Peacock Copper Bornite or Peacock Ore Mexico 169.3gr, 60.7 Gram Natural Deep PURPLE FLUORITE Cube Specimen from Mexico


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