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Rough Specimen Uruguay

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23 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 37, 32 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 33, 3.7 lb AMETHYST w Cacoxenite 9 GEODE Specimen Rough Uruguay Crystal Healing, 25 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 34, AMETHYST POINTS 1 4 Lb Lots Natural Dark Purple Crystal Gemstones Uruguay, 46 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 35, Amethyst crystal, rough mineral specimen from Uruguay, S.A. 2188, 29 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 21, 29 gram LILAC QUARTZ CAB SPECIMEN ROUGH URUGUAY 36, 4.48 lb AMETHYST w Cacoxenite 9.5 GEODE Specimen Rough Uruguay Crystal Inv 6


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